While getting work visa in Dubai you should know about Dubai. Dubai is one of the beautiful and largest city in United Arab Emirates. It is also know as City of Gold. Citizens of all nationalities can visit Dubai for one month with a valid passport and return air line ticket. While thinking about living and working in Dubai they will need a work visa. Government of Dubai is changing visa policies day by day. They are making it simple and easy for the expatriates. Now a days the process for work visa in Dubai is relatively easy and simple. Below are the things you should know about work visa in Dubai:

Things To be Noted

  1. First of all it is to be noted that for a work visa in Dubai, the person should have a valid passport.
  2. The next thing is he/she should be offered job in the Dubai United Arab Emirates.
  3. The final and last thing is that the  employer will guide and assist you for applying work visa in Dubai.

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How to Apply for Job in Dubai

To obtain a work visa in Dubai, first of all you should apply for job and get a job. You should have an job offer letter from a company in Dubai. While transfer from your country and work in Dubai, you should have a sponsor in Dubai. Therefore first you should find job in Dubai while applying through online websites. Or you should visit Dubai for a month or more.

How to Process for Work Visa in Dubai

process documents
process documents

Once you find a suitable job in Dubai, your employer will process the papers for you. The company/employer will pay the fees related to work visa. This process will almost take about two to three weeks to complete. The company will get two months work visa permit and send it back to your country. You will be eligible to come and work in Dubai.

Paperwork for Work Visa in Dubai

ministry of labor
ministry of labor

After getting work visa permit in your country, now you can start  paperwork for your work visa in Dubai. You should collect all the requested documents by your employer for work visa. Mostly these include visa application form, passport having a minimum validity of six months, passport-size photos, job contract copy, educational certificates, trade license of company and work permit (these documents can be changed as Dubai government is changing policies).

The final thing required for the applicant is to visit a hospital and do medical test and make health certificate.

Submitting Paperwork For Work Visa

After completing all the paperwork for your work visa in Dubai, your company /employer will send the documents to the Ministry of Labor Dubai. The Ministry of Labor will check and review the documents. After approval they will issue you work visa in Dubai.

work visa approved
work visa approved

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  1. I am Muhammad imran from pakistan.I have 4years work experience in Dubai transguard grup as a security guard and 2years pakistan air port security servers .I have sira certificat .now i am in Pakistan .I want security guard job in dubai ples help me.

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